Three Techniques to Prevent “Panda-eyes” Caused by Mascara and Eyeliner

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Most girls want to look gorgeous with a pair of big beautiful eyes. For the wish to come true, you have to be good at eye makeup.

Yet it often gets smeared around the eyes after wearing for a long time.
So that your perfect makeup gets ruined. This must be frustrating to lots of girls who are daily confronting the panda-eye problem.
Now, I would like to introduce some handy techniques to prevent your eye makeup from smearing.
Concentrate on following three key points to fight against the panda-eye.

1) Watch out for the oils when you apply your skin care products.
When you apply the skin care products before putting on the makeup, if the oils from emulsion, lotion or cream get on the eyelashes, these residual oils can mix with mascara and eyeliner, directly causing the smearing of the makeup later on.

Therefore, if you accidentally get the oils onto your eyelashes, remove them gently using a cotton swab.

2) Watch out for the oils in base cream and liquid foundation.
When you apply base cream, BB cream, liquid foundation or cream foundation, watch out for the oils on the eyelashes and edge of the eyelid.

3) Handy techniques before applying eye makeup.
Wipe the eyelids gently by tissue paper before applying eye makeup. Then apply puff with small amount of powder onto the eyelids and press gently for 2 to 3 times.

By doing this, we can prevent our eye makeup from oil- or sebum-caused smearing.

If this is still not enough, you can put on a layer of “mascara top coat”.
This is a very popular product with a great reputation.
Do not miss it if you are interested!

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