What is Okinawan Traditional Herb for Beautiful Skin “Getto”?

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Getto is a herbaceous perennial belong to the family Zingiberaceae.
It blossoms in early summer with lovely white flowers look like orchid eucalyptus.
It is a herb related to Okinawan peopeles' daily life known familiarly as "rapping leaf" from time immemorial due to its antiseptic and antibacterial action, today it is used in the traditional Okinawan sweet of Muchi.
There is a history that Its seed is drunk as herbal tea good for recovery from poor appetite and for relief stomachache.

The essential oil of Getto has a relaxing smell that is refreshing like Eucalyptus and Lemon in the begining, as the time past it smells sweet like Geranium.
It is one of the most representative Japanese essential oil as "Yuzu (Citrus junos)" and "Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)".
Also, it is famous as a rare and expensive essential oil as "Rose" and "Neroli" because only 30cc can be obtained from 100kg of Getto (Alpinia zerumbet) leaves.
Getto (Alpinia zerumbet) has effects that keep skin clean and astringent. Further studies on the anti-oxidizing effect of the abundant polyphenol it contains and the collagen inhibition, have been carried out gettnig a lot of attention from cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. The cosmetics contain Getto (Alpinia zerumbet) as the ingredient are popular among those with sensitive skin as well as those suffering from skin problems with Acne and Atopic dermatitis.

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