How to Fix Up Dried Nail Polish Instantly

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Have you ever had the experience where you go to use your nail polish and the lid is stuck or dried out after only using it a few times? You obviously bought it because you liked it, and the last thing you need is this sad situation.. In this article we talk about how to fix dried nail polish instantly.

How to get dried nail polish back to normal
Generally, people use a special liquid from shops to restore dried nail polish.
You only need a few drops of this bottle you buy and you may never use it again, what if there was a way to use something you already had at home, surely that would be better?
Let’s learn how to dilute hardened nail polish without buying a thinner from the shops!

Items you need to prepare

  • Dried nail polish
  • Eye drops

How to thin nail polish
Put a few eye drops into the dried nail polish and mix it.
That’s it, now you can use your manicure again.
Just be careful not to stir it too much, otherwise some bubbles pop up.

If you use polish remover..
Once diluted with acetone polish remover, the bottle could possibly crack because of sunlight and rising temperature.

Tips for preventing nail polish from drying out
The reason why the lid of nail polish gets locked up is because some of the liquid gets on the neck of the bottle and dries out, even though we think that this happens because the bottle has been opened and the liquid exposed.

It makes a big difference if you wipe the neck of the bottle before closing the lid.
We recommend you to use some tissue or kitchen paper rather than cotton puffs because the fibres will stick.

What did you think of this?

If you do your nails by yourself, then you should remember this!
Before it hardens, please try this method.

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